In general, the basic measurement on a company's success
is by the amount of wealth it generates through its products and services.
In Radjawali, we believe in doing well and doing it for good.
We believe that corporate social responsibility starts within the company. It is important to build an ideal work place for our employees. We constantly create an environment where our employees are encouraged to share their ideas, creativity, skills and experiences. Every employee is given opportunities to grow and develop with the company. It is always our priority to provide quality life for our workforce and their families.

In short, we nurture happy employees.
We strive to bring high quality FMCG products to Indonesia, Singapore and beyond. While investing efforts in making our products the preferred brands among the consumers, we pay attention to the needs of our society and community.

The team is proactive in giving financial aids to the victims of natural disasters like earthquakes, tsunami through official agencies. Our employees develop compassion, respect the nature and learn to appreciate simple things in their daily lives.

It is also part of Radjawali's corporate culture to give to the less privileged groups. Our employees volunteer on a regular basis to deliver our instant noodles to orphanages, nursing homes and the needy. They also work closely with the local trinity churches to reach out to those who need donation in-kind.

We believe that it is important to generate a positive impact, which leads to a sustainable living place for all.